Claudia Webbe MP confirms standing for re-election: ‘people need independent voice for real change’

Webbe has shown she will stand for actual change that neither Tories nor Starmer’s Labour are offering Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe has today confirmed that she will stand for re-election as an independent left candidate.

Elected in 2019, she became the first female to take the seat as the first Leicester-born MP – and the first Black female MP – ever to represent a constituency anywhere in the whole county region of Leicestershire. Webbe was born and raised in the city and remained there to the end of her university education. 

Her father worked, with his identical twin brother, as an engineer’s hand at the former Wadkin Factory on Green Lane Road, while her mother – in a city famous for its garment production – was a dress maker who ‘made clothes to last’, who worked for companies like the old Fenwick and Corah & Sons.

Webbe has distinguished herself in Parliament by her fearless campaigning on local and international issues, from dangerous sweat-shop garment factories in Leicester and abroad, domestic abuse and politically-driven cuts to services, to the genocide in Gaza and the oppression of Indian farmers. She was also the only MP to speak out against the government’s dangerous plan, unopposed by Labour, to replace medical doctors with ‘physician associates’ – part of the so-called privatisation drive pushed by both main parties that she has also been vocal in opposing – helping to draw attention to the cost-cutting plan and make it the national issue it has become.

 She has refused to back down on these and other issues despite a torrent of racist abuse from supporters of other parties and of the oppressors.

Ms Webbe said: ‘‘It has been an honour and privilege to serve the people of Leicester East as their MP, representing all communities with passion and integrity, and I will ask them to re-elect me so that I can continue to serve their interests.

My independence means I’ll listen to local people and put them first. I’ll place people and planet over profit and vote for humanity and never against. I will work for justice for Leicester East.

I have shown that I will not stand-by silent while division and damage is done to Leicester East and the needs of the people ignored or injustice is perpetrated elsewhere in our name. After so many years of cuts and cruelty in this country, and wars overseas, the needs of ordinary people in Leicester East have never been greater to have me as their MP, who will genuinely stand up for them and what they care about, and not serve narrow party agendas or corporate donors.

My track record as MP for Leicester East shows that I understand their concerns and that I will work for the issues they care about, from low pay and exploitation in the garment industry and the closure of local services, to protecting access to NHS doctors, to speaking out for justice in Palestine, calling for a lasting, permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

With the support of the people of Leicester East I will continue to campaign tirelessly for real change, real justice and a reversal of the inequality that has enriched a few while the many struggle”.

Claudia Webbe MP is the member of Parliament for Leicester East. You can follow her at and