Leicester East

It is truly an honour to represent the city where I was born and raised and I thank the people of Leicester East for electing me as their MP.



Feb 2

Feb 3

I submitted a written question to department for Health and Social Care raising the issue about whether the personal data of those seeking access to the NHS services is shared with immigration enforcement authorities.

I await a response from the relevant Government Minister.

Check back on my blogs and I will update everyone when a response is received.

Feb 3

I submitted a written question to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care asking what assessment he has made of the report of the Immunology for studies of the efficacy of the Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 vaccine after altering the dosing interval of that vaccine.

I await a response from the relevant Government Minister.

I will update everyone on my blog when a response is received.

Feb 8

I am proud to add my name to the letter sent to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to stop the dispossession of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, or face diplomatic consequences.

You can read the full letter by clicking here.

Feb 15

Feb 15

Feb 17

The BBC has removed African, Asian, minority ethnic executives to create an all-whiteBoard.I’ve signed a joint letter with MPs & Peers to highlight this blatant racism.We must continue our fight to diversify and democratise our media so that it works inthe interest of us all.

Feb 18

I was pleased to sign this letter with a cross party range of MPs and Peers to ask VickyFord MP to scale up the funding for school breakfasts to all disadvantaged schools inEngland and to provide this funding long term.

Feb 18

“I have stood, and I will continue to stand, in full solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests and I will always support activists in Leicester, in the UK and across the world who are safely and peacefully opposing systems of racist oppression.

“Priti Patel’s appalling condemnation of the inspiring Black Lives Matter protests are the latest escalation of this government’s attempt to divide us up. The only thing ‘dreadful’ is the Home Secretary trying to delegitimise the largest anti-racist mobilisation in a generation. Rather than a zero-tolerance approach to racists, Ms Patel has a zero tolerance approach to anti-racists. Her intervention was perverse, ignorant, and unacceptable.”

Feb 19

I submitted a written question to department of State of Work and Pensions asking how many garment factories in Leicester have failed a covid-19 inspection conducted by the Health and Safety Executive.

I await a response from the relevant Government Minister.

Watch this space , I will update everyone when a response is received.

Feb 25

Meera Dalal, 25, from Leicester took her own life after years suffering physical and emotional abuse from an ex-boyfriend.

Her mother Daksha Dalal explores what happened; sheds light on domestic violence, psychological abuse, depression, loss & suicide awareness.

Heart breaking.

Feb 26

I am very proud to stand in solidarity with the women who are leading the way in theFarmer’s protests in India.You can read the full article here.

Feb 27

10,000 people in Leicester are being denied the £20 uplift in Universal Credit because they are still on Legacy benefits. I am campaigning on their behalf to have this extended. If anyone is struggling with unemployment and benefits entitlement please contact me.

Feb 28


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