MP Claudia Webbe calls for knife crime to be declared an epidemic after spree of random stabbings

A Leicester MP says the Government needs to declare knife crime an epidemic and do more to tackle the root causes behind it.

Claudia Webbe has spoken out on the issue again after 33-year-old Carlos Racitalal was convicted of a string of random violent attacks in the city.

Racitalal, formerly of Belgrave, attempted to murder a five-year-old girl, who was deliberately run over, a 10-year-old boy, a mother and a 77-year-old pensioner, in January.

He was this morning sentenced to life.

Speaking ahead of Racitalal’s sentencing, the Leicester East MP said: “It is beyond comprehension as to why anyone would attempt to kill vulnerable and defenceless victims and especially children as young as 5 and 10 years of age.

“These incidents brought shock and fear to our communities of Belgrave and Leicester East.

“Yesterday’s ruling is an important delivery of justice, and a demonstration that we can never accept violence or hate on the streets of Leicester.

“The swift actions of Leicestershire police and our emergency services were exemplary throughout.

“My thoughts remain with the victims, their families and their loved ones. It is a miracle that nobody died from these unspeakable attacks. Nobody should be forced to endure such horrific attack, and I hope the unanimous guilty verdict of four attempted murder charges will bring some sense of closure and healing.”

Ms Webbe added: “I am particularly concerned that many of these attacks were made with a knife. “Knife and violent crime continues to rise, in Leicester and across the UK. Going forward, the government must declare knife crime an epidemic.

“Crime thrives amid poverty and lack of opportunity, and we need serious investment, including increased support for mental health, in every community to stem the growth of and stop knife crime.”

Claudia Webbe MP is the member of Parliament for Leicester East. You can follow her at and