MP pledges to campaign for a change to law 

CLAUDIA Webbe MP joined parents in protest outside Leicester Town Hall against the cuts on Thursday.

The council will stop post-16 education transport provision for Send students from the end of the school year, forcing the families of up to 500 vulnerable young people either to find alternative ways to reach further education colleges or else to find funding or drive their children to the school themselves.

Ms Webbe, independent MP for Leicester East, said: “Parents tell me that although Leicester City Council made this decision two years ago, they believe the council failed to properly communicate the decision to students, families and schools until the change was almost on them, causing severe stress and hardship.

“The decision supposedly came after a consultation, but many parents say they were not asked and had no idea this was happening.

“Young people with special education needs, autism and/or disability should not be treated as scapegoats for local authority budget-cutting measures.

“It’s shocking that against a backdrop of local authorities unable to balance their budgets that young people with special educational needs are being targeted… and potentially denied access to further education.

“Students with special educational needs, autism and/or disabilities already face huge challenges, and this will make things even harder.

“I’m proud to be standing alongside parents and I will be campaigning in Parliament for a change to the law so councils have a statutory duty to provide transport for our most vulnerable students.”

Claudia Webbe MP is the member of Parliament for Leicester East. You can follow her at and